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Course Registration Account Delay
from Sep 07, 2018 12:00am
to Jan 07, 2059 12:00am

For those looking to register for a face-to-face course or workshop on our Registration System, and have just created an account here for the single sign-on, please be advised that our registration system does not update accounts until overnight. You will not be able to register until the next day.

If you are experiencing issues regarding logging into our registration system or registering for a course, be sure to leave a help ticket from the help menu above.

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It is important that you do not create a second account within the system, as that can cause lost training records and issues logging in.

If you believe you have created a previous account, first try to reset your password, and then check with your district contact person found in the HELP! area above if needed.

training Modules

AEA Learning Online offers a number of standalone training modules on a variety of topics including Mandatory Reporting of Abuse, Bloodborne Pathogens and other OSHA compliance, Medication Administration, Section 504, and more. See a list of our most popular training modules

Self-paced Courses

AEA Learning Onlineā€™s self-paced courses are designed for educators who want to start and complete a course on their own schedule. Self-paced courses are available for license renewal, substitute authorization, and para-educator renewal starting at $85/credit. See a list of our most popular self-paced courses

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